Q: Are HIPPEAS® fried?

A: HIPPEAS® are baked, not fried!

Q: Are HIPPEAS® natural?

A: HIPPEAS® are made with natural and organic ingredients and do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Q: Are HIPPEAS® Non-GMO Project verified?

A: Because HIPPEAS® are USDA organic, we’re also Non-GMO! We’re working on getting our Non-GMO project certification it just takes some time.

Q: Do HIPPEAS® contain any allergens?

A: HIPPEAS® do not contain Milk, Soy, Wheat, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish, or Shellfish.

Q: There is Yeast Extract in Sriracha and Fajita, so are they vegan?

A: Yes! The Yeast Extract we use does not contain ingredients from animal origin, therefore considered vegan.

Q: If there is no cheese in Vegan White Cheddar, how does it get the cheddar flavor?

A: We use a blend of natural flavors that give our puffs a “cheesy” taste, just without the cheese.

Q: What does HIPPEAS® consider ”natural flavor”?

A: Natural flavors from things like spices, fruit, vegetables, edible yeast, herbs, and plants.

Q: Why are HIPPEAS® “Good For You”?

A: HIPPEAS® are a better–for–you snacking alternative when compared to other fried salty snacks!

Q: How much protein and fiber do HIPPEAS® contain?

A: 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per1–ounce serving


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